Ten Writer Promises #BarAThon

Today is the last day of the 7 day blogging festival. PHEW! I made it! Wasn't easy but the pressure was always on since the majority of the bloggers reside in India which is almost a day ahead of me here in Canada. It's been fun. Hope we do it again soon.

Today's prompt is "I promise." I decided to make a list of ten promises to keep in mind for a writer. Good to be reminded on the hard days when you want to give up.

Try freewriting where you let the words pour out uncensored, writing with joy and abandon. Isn’t that why you started writing in the first place?

Kick that Inner Critic to the curb and get rid of him for good. All he does is cause trouble making you doubt yourself. All those negative feelings inhibit you from writing. 

Make time for free writing sessions to connect with your right side writer brain. You know that feeling when you lose a sense of time. That's when you know you've connected with the abstract right brain where the good stuff resides.

Befriend other writers in person and online. Encourage and promote each other. Always keep it positive. Don’t plagiarize but find inspiration in each other’s work.

Be patient with yourself on days when the writing isn’t flowing. Don’t force it.

Try different kinds of writing and don’t be afraid to experiment with other genres like non fiction, blogging and essays. You may find something new that you really enjoy writing.

Do another activities to stimulate the writing such as reading great literature, listening to music, playing an instrument, dancing, taking photos; whatever stimulates your writer brain.

Only let that inner editor out when you’re at the revision stage. If let out too early, that inner editor wreaks havoc on a free writing session.

Join a critique group of writers you trust who respect your work and will critique in a fair and honest way without being mean or destructive.

Have adventures and go to different places even if it’s locally. Take a different route for a change of scenery. The change of perspective is a great creativity booster.

Realize you are a writer because you write. Being published is great but can take a while and be downright elusive and full of discouragement. In the meantime, if you are writing, you are a writer. Celebrate it and be proud!

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon, a 7 day blogging festival. 
I am with Team #BlueLagoon
Day 7 prompt is Promise


  1. Realize you are a writer because you write - I loved that. Congrats on finishing this blogathon. It was fun.

  2. I have found that critique group helps a lot... the constructive criticism really helps in improving one's skill. Your points are something most writers would like to remember. :)

  3. Write on, Cat! ☺ Excellent tips. My inner editor won't shut up and free writing is always difficult. Hard to change that, after all these years. I've been reading some of your other entries and there's no doubt, you are a great writer and poet. Cheers!

  4. Hi, Cathy; I could have sworn I left a comment earlier...Anyway, I just wanted to say these are excellent tips and you're a great writer, be it prose or poetry. I've tried to silence that inner editor, but she just won't leave me alone. Pedantic! ☺

    1. Thanks, Debbie. Very kind of you. I got both your comments and appreciate them very much. I've tried to silence the Inner Critic but he keeps coming back to haunt me so I understand about your Inner Editor. Why can't they leave us alone?

  5. Such encouraging and valid pointers for aspiring writers. Love the point about writers celebrating themselves despite not being a published one as yet.

  6. Sound advice to write by. Congratulations on the challenge Cat.

  7. Some fab promises to keep for writers! I like the idea of experimenting in writing. It brings to the fore a lot of our hidden talents but help us grow too. Free writes are my favourite too. They help to express freely and help come out of any writer's block too!

  8. Very good tips for each one of us Cathy....

  9. Cathy, I love your writing tips and follow quite a few of the same ☺ It gives me so much joy to read, share and write posts.


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