What You Don't Know

I am participating in the Blog-a-rhythm Blogathon, a 7 day blogging festival. 

I am with Team #BlueLagoon

Before you know it you will be old
Then what will you do?
I hate to be so pushy and bold
But someone has to talk to you,

What you don’t know is how to just be
You think you have to achieve,
Slow down and come and sit with me
Relax for a while and believe,

The world won’t end if you take a break
I really wish you could see,
Working too much is a big mistake
You will never be free,

Enjoy what’s left of your remaining years
Acceptance is the key,
Let go of your anger, let go of your fears
Let it all go and just be.


  1. Charming advice, Cat. I love your verse. Just my kind of thing. :) Hugs! I came here expecting poetry and am so thrilled to see this!

  2. So true Cat and yet somehow seems hard for many of us who think we r human doings �� While for others it comes easy, wonder why

  3. This is so apt for all of us who are stuck in the daily grind of life and have no time to 'stand and stare', literally and figuratively!

  4. These lines, Cat - "The world won’t end if you take a break
    I really wish you could see" resonate with me so much!!

  5. I loved the last two stanzas, it so resonates with me. I know everything but I haven't done anything to change things around me yet.

  6. That is the best advice we all need from time to time, Cat. Sometimes I wonder where are we all going in this mad rush, this desperation to prove ourselves and beat the others in this senseless rat race. What are we all going to achieve out of this. And one fine day, when our end is near, we will wonder where the time flew and what did we all really achieve?! Why don't we all just take a break once in a while and breathe a bit?

  7. Best advice to people who get anxious in completing 'tasks' and dwelling on their future instead of appreciatingo the beauty in little moments and living in the present. Lovely verses!


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