Suns and Lovers - Day 6 #BarAThon

I am participating in the BarAThon with the blogging group, Blog a Rhythm for the weeks of June 14 to 30th.

Today's prompt is "Suns and Lovers." 

“Is that a new Chica he’s with today?” I asked, squinting against the intense Cuban sun. I reached for my glasses to see more clearly. Both of us hid our pudgy pasty white Canadian bodies under the blue sun umbrellas. Back home we never got exposed to intense sun like this, especially not while working our office jobs for the federal government in Ottawa during winter.

 “Yes, it is. I hope he’s paying her well for her escort services. She looks young enough to be his daughter. It’s sickening!” Gabby said, frowning.

We watched a balding middle aged man in a skimpy bikini bathing suit that left nothing to the imagination, his big pale white beer belly so white and prominent. He walked hand in hand with a tanned young Cuban woman along the beach.

“It was a cheap vacation. What can I say?” I said with a pained shrug.

“I know you like a good deal, Sandra, but honestly, a two star hotel. You knew it would be bad. Didn’t you read the reviews?” Gabby looked at me with disgust.

“We couldn’t afford anything else on our clerk salaries. It’s only for a week. It won’t kill you,” I said, lying back and closing my eyes, trying to ignore her complaints.

“And the food is so terrible, too,” Gabby continued.

“Just think of all the weight we’ll lose,” I said, trying to be positive.

“We’ll never find any male companionship here with those Cuban girls running the show,” Gabby moaned.

 “Will you stop whining so much and try to enjoy the good stuff? We’re away from winter for a week. Isn’t it worth it just for that? 

“Come on. Let’s go get another drink. At least all the booze is free,” Gabby said, jumping to her feet. For a divorced, middle-aged, slightly overweight woman, she was surprisingly agile.

“Aww, can’t we just stay here?” I said. “I just got comfortable.”

“You’re so boring,” Gabby said, pulling me to my feet. We carefully crossed the broken bridge with all the planks missing. Why was everything so rundown and broken in Cuba? It was depressing! My foot slipped and I cried out as I felt myself falling.

“I help you, Senora. No worry!” a male voice cried and he grabbed onto me to keep me from falling. I turned and met the dark eyes of the most beautiful black Cuban man who looked to be in his twenties but it was hard to tell exactly. His skin was so dark and shiny like polished wood and his hair hung in long black dreadlocks, Bob Marley style. I stared, unable to believe he was real.

“You okay?” He said to me, grinning with a set of perfect white teeth. All I could do was nod and gawk at him.

“Come along, Sandra. Let’s get that drink,” Gabby urged, rousing me to my senses. I blinked and noticed her glaring at me. The black man laughed as if it was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. I was mesmerized.

“You want drink. I go, too?” he said, still holding onto my arm.

Gabby gave me a signal that it wasn’t a good idea, but I ignored her.

“Sure. I’m Sandra,” I heard my voice come out squeaky and silly, like a giggly teenager’s.

“I am Miguel, Senora Sandra. At your service,” He said bowing and offering his arm like a gentleman. “You must come and listen to our band on beach. I sing and play guitar.”

“That sounds wonderful, Miguel,” I said smiling in a stupid way. I’m surprised my tongue wasn’t hanging out.

 “And I have friend for you, too. He play trumpet,” Miguel said to Gabby who reddened and it wasn’t from the sun. She forced a smile and tried to make eye contact with me. She mouthed the words “Chico” for a male escort but I didn’t care. I shrugged at her and made a face. If the men could do it, why couldn’t we?

This vacation was shaping up better and better every minute. Cuba was great!


  1. Hahaha! This was simply awesome, Cat! I was giggling like a silly teenager myself! And, the most hilarious line, "I am surprised my tongue wasn't hanging out! Hahahaa....HILARIOUS!
    Why do men have such an effect on some of us, I fail to understand! :D

    And, oh yes, I LOVED the new look of your blog! It is so stylish and classy! Way to go, Cat!

  2. Ha ha.. this was cute. Way to go Sandra. I like spunk. I hope she had a great vacation.

  3. Hehehe yeah why should women miss the fun ��
    This is such a fun read.


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