War and Pieces - Day 4 - #BarAThon

I am participating in the BarAThon with the blogging group, Blog a Rhythm for the weeks of June 14 to 30th.

Today's prompt is "War and Pieces." I did a poem for today's challenge.

War and Pieces

Pieces of shrapnel, pieces of bone
Pieces of metal, pieces of stone,
Fly-covered corpses, their blood brownish-red
Survivors wish that they, too, were dead.

War hungry maniacs with evil goals
Destroying lives and shattering souls,
Power hungry men, they always want more
Making life harder for the sick and the poor,

Everywhere, despair increases
Such is the life, with war and pieces


  1. Ah! War and its devastating effects and still we dont learn.
    Well-written, Cathy!!

  2. That's sad but only too true. War is good for no one. You said it so very well.

    1. Thanks, Tulika. War is so devastating. So grateful I've never had to witness it firsthand.

  3. You have brought out the destruction caused by war so well in your poem! It is really sad! Wish there were no more wars.

  4. As you have aptly put across, none who fight a war actually win it. To Peace!

    1. War doesn't achieve anything positive, does it? Thanks, Namratha.

  5. Wars are a waste of life.
    We can only hope for peace because it is nowhere in sight, anywhere in the world.

    1. So sad, isn't it? Depressing, too. Thanks for the comment, ME.

  6. I was thinking about this today, about how broken is our world. So much violence and bloodshed in recent times! Brilliantly written Cat.


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