Gratitude List for June 29

I really like Laurel Reagan's idea of the weekly gratitude list and am trying to participate regularly.

When you have gratitude, it's hard to be negative. Remembering all the good things beats the heck out of dwelling on the bad, getting down on yourself and having regrets. I've been that route and it's a big waste of time and energy.

I am grateful for:
  •  the beautiful summer weather that we Canadians wait for so long all year. We must appreciate it while it’s here. As my dad says, “It’s a longgggggg winter.”
  • the screened-in porch where I can listen to the birds and look at the beauty of nature all around me. We only use the porch a few months of the year so I am grateful for this room where I can write, read, daydream, scrapbook and share meals with the family.
  • supportive inlaws who just celebrated their 60th anniversary this week. Bravo to them. Hope hubby and I make it to 60 years. What a milestone!
  • supportive online critique group of Jocelyn, Peggy, and Sally. We met on the Institute of Children’s Literature online board nearly seven years ago. We have grown in our writing with all the support, encouragement and critiques. I know my writing has improved having these women provide feedback and I am very grateful. We are also good friends as well as critique partners which is a joy.
  • a great blogging group as Write Tribe. Everyone is so kind and supportive to one another and our blog writing. This is very special and I feel grateful to be part of the group.
  • and last but not least, I’m grateful for living in Canada, a beautiful, abundant, diverse country where we can live freely without fear. As Canada Day approaches on July 1st  and Canada celebrates its 147th year as a country, I am proud to be Canadian and every day I am grateful to call Canada my home.

    Happy Canada Day weekend to all my fellow Canadians! Hope you're out enjoying our short, sweet summer to the fullest!


  1. Happy Canada Day! Hope you enjoy. :)

  2. Happy Canada Day to you to Cat. I love this gratitude list :)

  3. Happy Canada Day, Cat! And what a great many things to be thankful for :) I spent 3 days in Canada (Toronto) once, many years ago and still cherish the lovely memories! Beautiful maple leaf picture.

  4. Great list Cat. I am also linking up to Laurel's linky. Stopped in between and missed that. I think writing down what we are grateful for is such a nice thing to do. I look back at my old posts and feel blessed. Hope you have a nice warm Summer.

  5. Love that list. I, too, would certainly enjoy a screened in porch to listen to the birds, relax, work, and play! :)


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