Gratitude List for the week

I really like Laurel Reagan's idea of a weekly gratitude list and am trying to incorporate that into my blog posts.

I try hard to live each day with gratitude and not fall into a negative or apathetic type mindset which can sometimes happen if I don't fight against it.

This week I'm grateful for:

  • This beautiful summer weather we've been having with the perfect temperature, lots of sunshine and no humidity. We get some pretty awful weather in Canada, especially in our harsh winters so anytime it's as nice as this, we're grateful!
  • I had a delicious grilled dinner of lamb and vegetables cooked by my sister in law's lovely friend, Rosie out at the river yesterday. What a treat!
  • My two sons are the best guys and are growing into the kindest, most caring and thoughful of young men. I'm grateful for them every day.
  • My cats, Kobie and Daisy keep me laughing and love me unconditionally no matter how grouchy or unlovable I feel.
  • I'm grateful to the Internet that allows me to connect daily with friends around the world and to share with other writers. Today we're getting our Internet connection upgraded as it's been as sluggish as dialup some days so I'm very grateful for that.
Have a great week, everyone and be grateful!


  1. Isn't the summer weather wonderful?! We're enjoying a beautiful June here in Windsor.

  2. So many wonderful things to be happy about. Your gratitude post made me smile. We have had a lot of rain lately so I was happy to see the sun finely reappear today. Actually wasn't as humid either. Have a wonderful week! ♥


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