UBC Day 15 - Have a Beautiful Butterfly Day!

I adore butterflies. They are such a delight to see with their bright colours as they flit about the garden. How I wish I could fly among the flowers and high up in the sky like they do. Hard to imagine that such a delicate creature can fly long distances and endure harsh winds, rain and varying temperatures.

I’m sad that I don’t see as many butterflies as I did in my childhood. Maybe there are less of them or maybe I’m not looking as hard. As an adult, I do find that my mind is often preoccupied and I miss things that an observant child would notice.

I can’t resist buying butterfly scrapbook paper, butterfly stickers etc. If it’s got a butterfly on it, I like it.   I bought these lovely 3D butterflies at Dollar It yesterday and had to try them out on a craft project. 

Butterflies are also a symbol of hope for Bereaved Families of Ontario. Recently I had the privilege of playing my flute for their Butterfly Bereavement Ceremony, along with my friend, Sharon who plays harp.  

Each bereaved family came up to the mic to say the name of their deceased loved one. Then they received a live butterfly in a box. I played my flute and led all the families out to the garden where they released their butterflies in memory of their lost loved one.

I found the whole ceremony so touching and powerful. What a privilege to be a part of something so meaningful.

Here is a card I made using a lovely poem that Bereaved Families of Ontario have on their site. http://www.bfo-ottawa.org/documents/TheButterfly.pdf

Have a Beautiful Butterfly Kind of a Day!


  1. You are right Cath,the number of butterflies doing the rounds of our gardens have decreased considerably over the years. Miss them. I miss the dragon flies too.

  2. Beautifully written Cathy! I love butterflies too - and how true - seem to see more of them before... That ceremony you describe must be something ... so moving and touching moments...

  3. Cathy the butterflies are sooo sweet. Their colors look so refreshing.

  4. That's a beautiful ceremony and lovely card. When I was little I loved drawing butterflies.

  5. That's such a beautiful and a lovely ceremony and you are doing such a great thing, Cathy! Truly admirable! ♥

  6. I love butterflies too! I was amazed after we put up our new swimming pool this year. The butterflies just flocked to it. One even landed on my daughter! It was simply amazing. ♥

  7. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post and an equally wonderful ceremony description. I love butterflies too, love their delicate wings and the colors.

  8. What a beautiful idea, Cat. I could visualize what you've written. I'd love to hear you play the flute. My heart goes out to those bereaved families. Hugs! I see butterflies at my son's school almost every day.


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