UBC Day 21 - Roach Rental

This 100 Words story is inspired from two sources. 

The first one is the Write Tribe's 100 Words on a Saturday prompt of  including the phrase "It does feel like home, doesn't it?" http://writetribe.com/question-tags/

Write Tribe

The second is this photo of our bathroom after the workers removed everything in preparation for renovating today. 

Two cockroaches admire the room.

Gladys: I love it, don’t you Fred?

Fred: It does feel like home, doesn’t it?

Gladys: It’s charming and rustic. It’s all I’ve dreamt about.

Fred: I’m so glad we finally found something.

Gladys: I know. I was worried we wouldn’t find anything since our last place was torn down.

Fred: We’ll settle in here just fine, I can tell.

Gladys: It’s a perfect place to raise little roaches.

Fred: Little roaches? Gladys, you’re not..are you?

Gladys: I’m going to drop my egg capsule anytime now. Isn’t it wonderful? Fred? Fred? What’s wrong? Wake up!


  1. Hilarious! :D I hate cockroaches! Imagine, they can survive anything! :D I can't rest until I've killed it if I see one!

    1. I agree, Vidya. Can't stand them. Our apartment building was infested years ago and they had to spray continuously. I got on the bus to work one morning and there was one in my book. I debated letting it run around the bus and upset people. Instead, I squished it really hard and watched the antennae sticking out slowly go all droopy like cooked spaghetti. GROSS!

  2. Cute...... But I still cringed!

  3. haha..cockroaches! Thank God, I don't get to see them very often but they look cute in your story. :)

    1. Thanks,payal. Yes, I don't see them often either, thank goodness.

  4. Yikes! But true. I am sure roaches talk like that.
    Who likes them?

    1. I don't think many people like them. They are icky creatures for sure but they sure are resilient. You have to admire them as they keep coming back. Thanks, Inderpreet!


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