UBC Day 26 - What makes a successful blog?

My blog can often be silly, sad or sappy
Some folks might even think it’s crappy,
But I don’t care, I’m having fun
For me, I’ve only just begun,

Words flow freely from my mind
Freeing me from the daily grind,
This is my time when I like to play
I can be serious the rest of the day.

What makes a good blog? I was reading this article this morning about boosting blog traffic

The post made me realize that I don’t do any of this. Does that mean I’m a failure? I guess it would depend on the definition of what a successful blog is.

I have a small readership. I often blog about silly things and write silly poetry just for fun.  I post cute photos of my pets and pretty photos of Nature. 

I write about things that touch me. I write about life's lessons that I've learned the hard way and how I'm still learning and evolving each day.

I don’t always have useful content. I don’t have an email list. I don’t use keywords that Google can find. And I don’t make a cent either. 

If I worried about all the ways I "Should" be doing my blog according to all the experts,  I probably wouldn't blog at all. 

The main thing is I enjoy expressing myself creatively. I enjoy sharing quotes that I love along with my photographs.

I enjoy connecting with the few readers that I do have and see my blog as an online diary.

I’m not out to get 10,000 subscribers and get a great Alexa rating. Who the heck is Alexa and why do I care so much what she thinks? 

I’m having fun with my blog even if no one but me reads it. And it's way cheaper than therapy. That’s good enough for me.

What do you think defines whether a blog is successful or not?


  1. I think the success of a blog, mine at least, is determined by weather or not I am on the verge of total collapse. If I am, the blog isn't working or I'm not using it. That would be failure.
    If I'm functioning in society and not harming my fellow citizens, it's a success!

    1. Good one, Jo! I agree. It's way cheaper than therapy! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Our thoughts match cathy :D Cheers ;) I don't know who Alexa is either :D
    Loved this post for the simplicity and honesty of it :)

  3. I write for my satisfaction too :) I don't have a theme or a niche but I am cool with it. If it gives you pleasure, your blog is a success.

  4. Hi Cathy; Trying to catch up on posts; sorry for the late response. That article you linked to is mostly geared towards business blogs. Those of us with creative blogs do it because we love it, yes? ☺ I take pride in being "niche-free" (another blogger coined that phrase - sounds so much better than "niche-less") and carefree. As an experiment, I recently started using Google Adsense and the Amazon affiliate program, to see if it would help pay some of the expenses of website ownership, but that's a joke, really. Made about $15.00 in 4 months. LOL So obviously, money is NOT the object here. Personal satisfaction and interacting with others is. Just for fun, I checked your Alexa ranking: (find it at alexa.com)
    Global rank 592,060
    Rank in India 76,832
    Pretty good! ☺

    1. Thanks for your support, Debbie. Interesting to hear about you and your blog. You're so right. Personal satisfaction and interacting with others are what matters. I no longer write in a paper diary which is a bit of a shame but I see my blog and Facebook as diaries of sorts.

      I had to smile about my Alexa ranking. Glad I'm doing so well in India. ;)

      Thanks for your comments.


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