Golden Days of Summer

The kids jump off the dock into the river, shattering the silence with their screaming splashes. 

Mom lounges on the shore in the pink Adirondack chair while reading her steamy summer novel and wiggling her green calloused toes covered in chipped red nail polish.

Dad is up on the deck guzzling a Molson Canadian, his big tanned beer belly hanging out of his unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt. He hunches over the barbecue like a crazed caveman, wielding his spatula like a weapon while hot dogs and hamburgers sizzle in a cloud of choking smoke chasing the mosquitoes away.

Meanwhile the trees whisper in the cool evening air, their dry leaves rustling and rattling as they share their secrets.

The golden sun sinks below the horizon, transforming the sky from orange-pink to indigo..

Canadian summer is slowly slipping away.


  1. You paint such a vivid picture by your words...


  2. Lovely, Cat.. as always.. Such beauty in your words!!!

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  3. And your words paint a perfect picture. I soaked in the Canadian atmosphere.

  4. Lovely! I can totally picture it.

  5. I want to be that mom, reading the book while her hubby cooks :) Loved the picture your words created in my mind :)

  6. This was so beautiful! Lovely imagery! You made me wish to be there too! :)

  7. I could imagine myself there watching the scene. And as your Summer fades, ours slowly comes into view.


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