Let's hear it for crows!

I really like Cape Breton’s recycling program with their clear coloured bags that make it impossible to throw out items that can be recycled. They are very advanced in comparison to Ottawa’s recycling program which still allows black garbage bags and garbage cans, letting people get away with not recycling.

As well as a compost bin, my parents have another recycling program in place that is very effective and entertaining. 

It’s called the crows. 

My parents toss out their leftovers and my dad hits a glass with a spoon. 

Like Pavlov’s bell, a cloud of squawking crows appear to claim the goodies.  Sometimes seagulls will tag along hoping to get in on the action and once an eagle came by, too. 

I admire the crows and think we should appreciate their good qualities.

Crows are:

Family oriented – They are very protective of their young and travel around in family groups. They are very territorial and don’t like any other birds infringing on their domain.

Smart  They recognize people and are ultra-aware of humans’ routines and activities. They also problem solve and remember things.

Good communicators – If one crow finds food, he tells the rest and before you know it, a big gang arrives.

Survivors – They scrounge for whatever scraps they can find, not minding if it’s stale or rotten. Like a vacuum cleaner they clean everything up. Also they tend to stick around in winter and if they can survive a Canadian winter, I really admire them.

It’s a shame that crows often have a bad reputation as dirty noisy scavengers. They’re even associated with evil and death.

I prefer to think of them as valuable creatures who do their part to keep the environment pristine and beautiful for future generations. 


  1. Aaaaww-- those crows... Never thought of them this way though - but why not:-) Smart family oriented creatures - great:-) And good communicators-. yes- that I have heard..:-.) I enjoyed reading this one Cathy dear:-)

  2. Love your attitude, Cathy! Every creature does have its purpose. Thank you for sharing a fresh perspective!

  3. Never thought of crows like that Cathy. I've always been with the majority thinking them noisy and completely undesirable. However, we do have a belief that a crow cawing in your balcony heralds that a visitor is on his way to your home! So to that extent they aren't all bad.

  4. Yes, crows serve an important purpose in the eco-system, like any creature I suppose. In India traditionally you will find many people putting out their leftovers outside their houses in a corner or in the back of the house for crows and any other birds. In fact, many people (my father included) have a daily practice of feeding the birds in their areas.
    This was a very thoughtful post, Cathy! Thanks for this new perspective on recycling :)

  5. I've never given crows much thought, either positively or negatively. Most birds have to be quick at our house, otherwise our dogs will snatch them out of the air. But crows probably don't stop by, because we don't have many scraps for them.


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