So long for another year

The breeze rustles the grass while waves lap the shore
Soon this moment will be no more,
We watch the blazing sun, so brilliant and bright
As it dips behind the hills to bring on the night,

Another day has slipped away
How I wish I could make it stay,
Moments rush by and become the past
I wish there was a way to make it last,

Precious memories are stored away
To warm us on a winter’s day,
I wish we were just getting here
So long Cape Breton, for another year.


  1. Love the poem and sunset photos, Cathy! ☺ It's always sad when a vacation comes to an end, but how great that you have this to look forward to every year.

  2. Beautiful poem and sunset pictures. At least your vacation was a good one!

  3. You captured the emotions so nicely...So long..Goes so well with the sunset you know...

  4. ahh the hangover of a vacation. All that's left are memories.


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