Twenty-five years already?

In honour of my 25th wedding anniversary today, I’ve thought of twenty-five verbs that contribute to a happy relationship.

I’m far from perfect and don’t always follow this list as well as I could.

Still, these verbs remind me of what’s important in a relationship of any kind whether it’s a marriage, a parent/child relationship, siblings, other relatives or even a good friendship.

Relationships are hard work and not always easy, but so worth it, don’t you agree? 

What other verbs do you think are important to a healthy and loving relationship?


  1. Congrats and Happy Anniversary! Stay blessed always <3

    And your list is a complete one for a healthy relation.

  2. Great list Cathy! ☺ Happy Silver Anniversary to you and your Hubby.

  3. Congrats and happy anniversary... And such a wonderful list you have shared , something we all should keep pinned to our boards...

  4. Fully agree! Happy anniversary and congratulations, Cat! Your partner is truly blessed to have an angel like you. Hugs!

  5. Happy Anniversary Cat! Stay blessed! Lv

  6. I will be joining you soon in the silver club :) Happy anniversary! And lovely collection of verbs there, to keep the relationship growing stronger and healthier.


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