Advice to Novice Writers

Here is Kobie, the Laptop Cat. 
He likes to inspire me with my writing 
though he does make it hard to type sometimes!

For Wednesday's Write Tribe prompt, I have written a poem chock full of advice for novice writers. Then again, what do I know? Only Kobie knows and he's not telling!

Write Tribe

Are you a planner or a pantser like me?
Do you know ahead of time or do you wait and see?
I like to wing it and see where it goes
I just love it when the writing flows,

Neither way is right or wrong
Like singing off key to your favourite song,
What matters is you enjoy what you do
You must always stay true to you,

Have you got writing books galore? (I sure do!)
You sure don’t need to buy any more,
All you need to do is write
From early morning til late at night,

Practice, practice is the key
You must let those words go free,
Dig deep and connect with your inner self
Put those books back on the shelf,

Remember you need to edit, too
Your writing will sparkle if you do,
Grammar and spelling must be sublime
Don’t make readers waste their time,

Writing style cannot be taught
Writing style cannot be bought
Writing style is unique like your voice
Find it and your muse will rejoice

Writers break rules all the time
Some even write in corny rhyme!
Write from the heart and write for you
Hopefully others will like it, too!


  1. Love this poem - what a fun take on the prompt! And what a GORGEOUS kitty... I love orange cats! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks, Laurel. I enjoyed writing this nutty poem and Kobie was very good at inspiring me.

  2. Writing style cannot be taught
    Writing style cannot be bought
    Writing style is unique like your voice
    Find it and your muse will rejoice

    Loved these lines a lot :) I could use some of these advice :) well written Cathy :)

    1. Thanks, Swathi. Much appreciated. I had fun writing it.

  3. That's great advice there, Cat! Kobie is very wise and full of great ideas, it seems :) Enjoyed this poem!

  4. Loved the way you listed all the major tips into the poem!! Let the words go free.........

  5. Love your poem and how your advice is interwoven in it. Great tips!!

  6. So Kobie cat does all the writing with her paws huh? :)
    Loved the fun poem... "let those words go free.." so true...

  7. Great poem and great advice - yes, to "find ones voice" is a good phrase:-) Love your cat and her "of-course-this-is-my-spot" look on your pc - she's gorgeous:-)

  8. Oh wow that was awesome and such fun to read. Kobie looks very comfy on the laptop.

  9. Cathy - how delightful! I hope I can 'always stay true to you' when I write and really honestly express myself.

  10. Wonderful poem, love the orange Cat.


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