The Evil Muskie

I had trouble thinking of anything for Saturday's prompt from Story a Day. but this morning the hubs shared a childhood memory about a muskie fish and I was able to write a short piece based on that. Thanks to the hubby for the inspiration.

The challenge was to take the words vermilion and musky and combine them in a story. At first I was focused on musky as a scent but I like using muskie as a fish. More interesting. Thanks, Brian!

Brian stared at the bulging vacant eyes of the severed muskie head hanging from the nail on the tree, its pointy teeth in a sinister grin. Its shiny spotted scales glowed silvery pink against the vermilion sunset.

He’d never seen a fish so enormous. How had his dad even pulled such a huge fish from the water? The body had been as long as he was tall. They had devoured the fish fillets for dinner and there was still lots left.

Brian looked at the muskie head again. It looked ready to devour him.

All these years, Brian had gone swimming in the St. Lawrence River, blissfully unaware of the likes of the Musky Monster lurking beneath the depths. 

The light was dwindling as the sun slipped behind the American side of the river but Brian could still see that evil grin as if the fish was laughing at him.

He knew he wouldn’t sleep well tonight.


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