Dare to stand out in the crowd!

I know people view dandelions as annoying weeds, but I like them. I especially like the defiance of this dandelion how it is growing right up through the patch of these blue flowers. It's not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

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    1. Let's hear it for dandelions, eh, Loni? My lawn is covered in them. I'm sure my neighbours are staring out their windows in dismay. Dandelions are a no no around here. Rusty broken down cars are okay though. Figure that one out.

  2. I was surprised when I found out dandelions were weeds because I reckon they can be quite pretty...yellow and bright and make you smile. What more do you want?? :)

    1. I agree, PB. How can something so bright and pretty with those fun seeds you can blow be a noxious weed? Thanks for commenting.

  3. Oh yes, Cat! Standing out in the crowd isn't easy, but sometimes we have no choice! ;)


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