Facing My Fears

Today I will confront my demons and fears
The ones that have plagued me for many years,
Telling me that my artwork is bad
Making me feel incredibly sad,

You’re not good enough, Cat, so you’d better quit
Do something else that’s a better fit,
Get a real job that pays real cash
Toss that artwork in the trash,

Why do I listen to that annoying voice?
After all, it’s entirely my choice,
The inner critic is harsh and cruel
Giving in to him is like giving him fuel,

It’s all just a story I’ve been telling for years
One plagued with doubts and so many fears,
I won’t let the inner critic have his way
I’ll rewrite the story, starting today!


  1. Old stories that no longer serve must be rewritten!

    1. They must! Thanks for your comment! MAD Carol!

  2. Bravo Cat! For me, I started changing that story when I truly valued and honored my self just as I am. It turned around the approach of constantly trying to push away critical thoughts because the more those thoughts get pushed away, the more they buzz around like pesky mosquitoes! But in the true honoring of our selves, even though those thoughts can arise, we simply stop giving them attention. What a beautiful poem that honors your amazing creativity. <3
    love, Lorraine

  3. Good for you Cat! Go rewrite your story and let your artist shine! :) <3

  4. I guess we all go through such fears when we let that inner critic become a bit too loud. I like the positivity and optimism in that last line. We all need that reminder from time to time, to silence that harsh inner critic and proceed with rewriting our story. Very nicely done, Cathy.

  5. Once you tackle that voice, there is no looking back. Loved the positve thoughts here. :)

  6. The inner critic always has something to tell us and often to give up on something. There is also its twin inside us which says Go on, you might not be best in it today but you will surely be better some day. The last lines are like a charge of positivity overflowing and devastating the inner critic.

  7. Excellent! I need to give this sort of pep talk to myself.


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