Rainbows are Magical!

I am writing this for the Wordy Wednesday word prompt of "Rainbow" at Blog-A-Rhythm.

“Isn’t it magical? It’s our lucky day,” Judy pointed at a rainbow, its bright profusion of colours hanging like a magnificent banner in the sky.

“What nonsense. No such thing as luck. Besides, a rainbow is only sunlight going through raindrops, creating prisms that break the white light into a spectrum of colours,” Frank explained in his boring know-it-all tone.

What was Judy thinking when she agreed to go on this dud of a date that her sister set up? Was she that desperate? Frank was an absolute bore.

“Well, would you look at the time? I must be going,” Judy said looking at her watch. “Thanks for the date, Frank.” Maybe she could salvage the evening with a chick flick and some chocolate ice cream. Even waxing her legs would be a treat compared to this.

She ran off and collided with a handsome man gazing up at the sky.

“I am sorry,” he apologized. “I was looking at the rainbow. Isn’t it amazing?”

“It is,” Judy agreed, unable to pull her gaze away from his big brown eyes fringed with long lashes.

“Don’t you think rainbows are lucky? I sure do,” the man said with a warm smile that made Judy’s knees go rubbery.

“I agree. Hi, my name is Judy.” She put out her hand and he shook it.

“I’m Nick,” he said. Reluctantly she pulled her hand away but not before noticing that he didn’t wear a wedding ring.

Rainbows were lucky, indeed. The movie and ice cream could wait.


  1. Love it! Such a sweet and romantic take on the word 'rainbow.' Rainbows sure are lucky, indeed! ;) <3

    1. Thanks, Elly. I'm a sucker for romance as I'm sure you can see.

  2. Aww, you made me go all mushy with this one, Cat! I hope her story has a happily ever after in it ☺

    1. Of course. I always like a happy ending. Thanks, Shailaja!

  3. Ahh ... that would be such a wonderful beginning to a love story no? Beautifully written

    1. Thanks, Naba! Hmm, you've got me thinking....

  4. Aww.....that was lovely! I had a big smile throughout...the die-hard romantic that I am! :-)

  5. This really was an aww...story! Truly romantic :)


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