Q is for Queen Elizabeth II

During the 1960's when I was in grade school, I remember there always being a framed photograph of Queen Elizabeth II in every Canadian classroom.

Here is a poem I've written based on those recollections from a child's perspective.

I still like Queen Elizabeth today and admire her strength and tenacity. 
And yes, it's obvious, she still is the boss! Too bad, Charles!

Did you know Queen Elizabeth went to school with me?
I’m not kidding as you can plainly see,
Dressed in her robe, a crown upon her head
She’d watch and listen to whatever I said,
With splendid jewels and a fancy gown
She was the best dressed queen in town,
Every morning I’d sing God Save the Queen
I did this each day until I was a teen,
I was nervous of the queen always watching me
So I’d try my hardest to be good as could be,
I tried my best not to make her cross
It was obvious that she was the boss.


  1. I think we had pics of the president etc in the main office but not in the classrooms... I guess it would cost too much to replace them every 4 years or so... funny to think she was listening to you...

    1. Was it scary having the president's pic staring at you? I never remember having the prime minister's photo at school when I was a kid but the queen's photo was always there and she was staring right at me, HONEST!

      Thanks for dropping by, Chocolattez!

  2. Interesting that you had photos of her in your classrooms, Cathy - because here in the UK we didn't! I've actually seen her (in person) about 4 times, twice from a distance, and twice close up. Actually sat about 8 rows behind her in St Paul's Cathedral for the Millennium Service in 2000 and I was within inches of her when she walked back up he aisle at the end of the service.

    1. That's funny you didn't have photos in your classroom, Paula. Also here in Canada, we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday in May and you don't.

      I'm a real royal watcher. Lucky you getting to see the queen all those times. I missed seeing her when she was in Ottawa last year for her Jubilee tour.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Talya! I was trying to go for something more meaningful but was running out of time so my silly side came out.

  4. Awesome, this made me smile. How interesting that each classroom had a photo of the Queen. Here in NZ we celebrate her birthday on the first Monday in June.

    1. You celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday in NZ, Suzy? That's interesting. We celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday which they don't in the UK. Now it's become an excuse for a long weekend in May more than anything. All these small connections the Commonwealth countries have to the UK, I guess.

  5. Interesting perspective. I barely noticed the US presidents on our walls.


    1. I still remember it well, Joyce. Interesting the differences. We never had our prime minster's photo on the wall. The queen was boss!

  6. I'm surprised to hear that you had the Queen's photograph in classrooms! It's specially funny that Paula says they didn't have the pictures in the UK!

    1. I guess they were trying to keep our ties to the UK strong as a Commonwealth country, Corinne. It was still quite strong in the 1960s. Maybe not quite as much now as they don't have the queen's pic and they don't sing God Save the Queen every morning. We're more multicultural now and that has had an impact.

      We still celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday which they don't either. Now it's more an excuse for a long weekend. I imagine other Commonwealth countries have traditions connected to the UK, too.


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