T is for Today

(Disclaimer: This photo of these lovely roses is not mine. 
Thanks to bluekdesign at morguefile.com for the use of their photo.)

Just for a while, why not stop your hurrying?
Are you in the moment or always worrying?
Rush, rush, rush to get it all done
Like a race that has to be won,
Why not take time to smell the roses today?
Take a moment to stop and play,
Right now matters more than past
Today is all we have and it’s going fast,
Step right up and get a brand new day
But you must act now before it slips away. 


  1. A great word choice. I try to live for today everyday.

  2. This is awesome and so important. Sometimes today is all we have so we have to make the most of it because before we know it the day will be past and a memory.


  3. Great question, fits my current situation perfectly!

  4. Well said, lovely, and agree completely.
    maggie at expat brazil

  5. A very nice reminder and just what I needed to hear. Beautiful roses too.

  6. Those words as so inspirational, they would look fab on an art print.

  7. Just for today..... I will be me...


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