Frugal is Fun!

For the fifth day of the Write Tribe Blogging challenge we are writing tip posts. 

I’m always looking for ways to save money in these tight times where a dollar doesn’t buy as much as it did before. I wouldn’t say I’m virtuous and perfect at it. Like watching my weight, I sometimes slip up in a moment of weakness.

Still, being frugal can become a way of life if you work at it and change your habits gradually.


Think before buying something. Impulse buys can be foolish. We’ve all done it where we buy something on sale just because it’s such a great deal and we never even use it. Do you really need the item or is it just going to add to the clutter? Take time to consider a purchase instead of buying it as soon as you see it. Often after thinking it through, you’ll decide you really don’t need it after all.

Don’t use the credit cards so much. It’s easy to lost track of expenses with a credit card and that results in a rude shock when the bill arrives. At those high interest rates, it can take forever to pay off the bill and end up costing so much more. Try using cash more as once it’s gone, it’s gone.

I have read about people allotting cash in envelopes for groceries, utilities etc but haven’t tried that yet. I am trying to use more cash though and it does help. Somehow you think twice about buying something when you know you only have a certain amount of cash to spend instead of a credit card.

Use the library. I can never say enough good things about the library for saving money. You can get books free of charge as well as CDs and DVDs. I love being able to order books online and they send it to our little country library. It’s like having a gigantic library to access. We are so lucky to have our library as we almost lost it to budget cuts years ago so I am very grateful.

Shop at thrift and good will shops. I enjoy perusing thrift shops to see what treasures I might find there. Sometimes I find nice clothes that are barely worn for a fraction of the price of new ones. Not everyone likes the idea of used clothes but I don’t mind if it’s going to save me money. I don’t like used shoes though. I draw the line on wearing someone else’s shoes. ICK!

Join online groups to sell or give away used items. I belong to a few online groups who sell or give away second hand items. This is especially good for those with small kids who outgrow clothes and other baby items so fast that they hardly wear anything out.

Eat more beans and less meat. Not only are beans healthier, they’re way cheaper than meat.  I try and make a few meatless meals a week. They also contain less calories and less fat which is good for the waistline, too.

Make more meals from scratch. Don’t rely on packaged convenience food so much. They are usually less nutritious, contain loads of sodium and sugar and cost a lot more.

Get produce in season and go to farmers’ markets Not only is the food fresher, it’s usually cheaper, too. Also you’ll feel good about supporting local farmers.

Grow your own garden. It’s so satisfying to grow your own garden of fresh vegetables. They taste better and are so much more economical.

Don’t eat out so often. Eating out can really blast your budget and should be reserved for special occasions as it can really add up. If you do eat out, don’t order drinks or dessert as they charge a lot for them and make the bill really add up fast. I tend to have water most of the time as I don’t like pop and am trying to drink less diet drinks.

Make your own coffee and carry it in a portable cup. I like making coffee at home with my Keurig in those K cups you fill yourself. Those pre-made disposable cups they sell in boxes are very tasty but cost an absolute fortune. Also they’re not that environmental as you can’t recycle them. That said, I do buy them on occasion if I see them on sale which isn’t that often.

I must say that when I am in town I do love my Starbucks. It is my one indulgence that might be seen as a little decadent. Oh well. I don’t drink or smoke so this is my guilty pleasure.

Get rid of satellite or cable TV. We just got rid of our satellite TV as it was costing us a fortune. Now we have an antenna that works great. We have less stations than before but we weren’t watching them much anyhow.  

I’m far from perfect in my quest to save money, but have managed to make some of these tips a habit so I’m getting there. I'm also learning to be content with less.

What tips do you have to save money? I’d love to hear your suggestions. 

I am writing this tips post on the fifth day of the week-long Write Tribe Blogging Festival.
Based on Darren Rowes, Seven Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove. 


  1. I love your list. I am a spendthrift occasionally. And I do try to curb down my so-called worldly desires! :)

  2. Yes, frugal is fun. Agree with all the tips you have shared, Cathy. After years of buying on impulse and cluttering the home, I am now a careful buyer. And we gave up on credit cards almost a decade back. My mother uses envelopes you mentioned, we make fun of her at times, but am realizing how wonderful and sensible it is. And buying from the farmer's market makes a BIG difference. Thanks for sharing some fab tips, Cathy ♥

  3. Those are some really good tips. I follow few of these tips. Though we use credit card we always keep track of expenses, so it hadn't been a problem yet. :) Thank you for sharing the tips. :)

  4. Indeed frugal isfun and well as you said sometimes our wallter demands frugality! As long as we see the silver lining behind the dark clouds, its gona be all right :)

  5. The credit card point had me nodding.... We don't realise how much we spend if we keep swiping credit cards! I have tried to minimize my credit card usage..lets see how it works
    Random Thoughts Naba..Pixie Dust for a Happy You...


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