Is Fear Holding You Back?

Fear takes hold inside my brain
Barreling along like a runaway train,
Thoughts swirl around inside my head
Filling me up with so much dread,

Doom and gloom weigh down on me
The world is ending, can’t you see?
Heavy-hearted and full of doubt
How will I ever find my way out?

Often fear can become so overwhelming that it’s debilitating and paralyzes us.

I have fears of failure and change which often stop me from trying something new just because I’m convinced I’m going to fail.

Here is a good article I found that outlines some tips to overcoming fear by taking action.

Small action steps can help you move towards conquering your fear and gaining confidence. 

I know when I push myself through the fear and give it a try, I find it so empowering and I do gain confidence.

What fears hold you back from trying new things or doing something you want to do?


  1. We all face this challenge from time to time. Fear can indeed hinder our path to self-discovery. Conquering each little fear one step at a time, and constantly working on them is the only way, it seems. Surely easier said than done.

    1. Yes, Beloo. It's like losing weight. I know what I should be doing but I don't always do it. Easier said than done is right.

  2. Oh we are all plagued by fear... the fear of failure/rejection, fear of losing, They say, fear clouds opportunities, erases possibilities, and limits the ability to move beyond the place in which the mind is stuck. It's all in the mind, actually. But we can certainly banish it, though it takes time and practice :)

    1. Yes, it sure does take time and practice and being in action. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I think fear is something we all struggle with. Taking baby steps helps.

    1. Yes, we have to face it if we hope to conquer it.

  4. Fear keeps me from writing and from doing a lot of things. When I am nervous, I talk and laugh entirely too much. My fear comes out like that.

  5. Fear came out as depression for me, a long time ago. Ever since, I have tried to tackle it head on. Fear will not triumph over me. I won't let it. Then again, you know me by now, Cat ;)

  6. Fear can stop us from being all we are meant to be. Getting over it is never easy, though!


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