Happy International Smile Day and Other Peculiar Special Days

Today is World Smile Day, the first Friday of the month. 

Who knew? I sure didn't, but hey, any excuse to celebrate is fine with me.

My cat Kobie knew it was International Smile Day. Here is a photo of him smiling.

It’s also Virus Appreciation Day and Techies Day. 

Just who decides these days anyhow? I picture a bunch of zany people in a room drinking wine and eating goodies while they dream up ideas for each day of the year. 

I can’t wait for Mouldy Cheese day on October 9thThey must have been deep into the wine when they dreamed up that one. Hmm. *Looks in fridge* I’ve started celebrating early for that day already.

I’m not kidding, it’s right here, a calendar of special days. 

What a fun job thinking up special days! Where do I apply? Actually there is a page here explaining about how to create a day. 

Sounds like a lot of fuss though. On second thought, no thanks.

Techies Day isn’t a bad idea. We should appreciate all those nerds and techies who invent all these electronic toys for us to play with and help us when the toys act up which is usually quite a bit. Let’s hear it for Techies!

But Virus Appreciation Day? Seriously? Who appreciates a virus? I’ve got a cold right now and I don’t appreciate this virus one bit. I wish it would take a hike.

I think that Virus Appreciation Day is a dumb idea, especially in the wake of scary viruses like Ebola. Let’s just stick with World Smile Day, shall we?

Anyhow, back to my topic and I do have one, I really do, seriously! 

Smiles are great, aren’t they? They improve your looks better than makeup can and even make you feel happier. They cost nothing to give and yet can brighten someone’s day.

Even if you can’t speak to someone in their language, you can always smile. It’s the universal expression of happiness and good will toward another human being.

What could be better than World Smile Day? And it’s also Friday which should definitely give you something to smile about.

Well, there’s always International Skeptics Day to look forward to on October 13th. Hmmm *Rubs chin and frowns* I can hardly wait.

Do yourself a favour and give someone a smile today and you’ll both feel good about it.


  1. Hey these were the days I surely didn't know about! Smile day is perfect to celebrate and it should be celebrated every month I say! :)

  2. Such a fun post, Cat! I've often wondered how they came up with those days. I think you may be on to something! ;)

  3. Loved reading this fun filled post. There may be a time when instead of dates on the calendar, there may be 365 dedicated days to every small thing that we do!

  4. Awww, what a fun post! :D Yes, I do find this plethora of days pretty weird :) Happy Smile Day though! Kobie rocks that picture :)

  5. There's a lot of days going around! But it makes you grateful for each day, doesn't it?

  6. So much fun! Who knew there were so many special days to celebrate? If a person knew them all, life would be one big continuous party! ♥

  7. Really, who knew? :) Let us hope for a world where everyday will be a day of smiles and celebrations!


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