Black Cat

I saw this cat on a walk with Loup. I couldn't go too close or risk having Loup take off after it but I managed to get this photo of it staring at us. I love black cats. I've had a few over the years and they were all special.

The black cat photo inspired this poem for today's post for the blogging challenge at Yeah Write for November.

I broke a mirror early this morning
Am I destined to seven years bad luck?
I walk under a ladder not seeing the warning
Now I’m sure to get hit by a truck,

Clutching my trusty rabbit’s foot
I continue on my walk,
I see a black cat by the name of Soot
Sunning near a rock,

I change directions to avoid the cat
But he starts to follow me,
He likes to be an awful brat
As bratty as he can be,

I find a four leaf clover near the lake
That should help a lot,
Here’s a horseshoe I can take
Before I get distraught,

I’m not superstitious, no, not me
Whatever made you think that?
I turn around and what do I see?
None other than Soot, the cat!

Maybe black cats aren’t so bad
I’ll change my point of view,
I like black cats after all
Don't you like them, too?


  1. Now that's called a beautiful poem!! and black cats.. people are superstitious about them.. I too was, until I tried it for myself.. and then it was all settled.. sometimes, we should try things on our own in order to decide if they're worth believing!


  2. I some times feel such superstitions are ridiculous! Who made them????
    Cute poem, Cat! :)

  3. I hope black cats are lucky, as I have several of them in the house! ;)


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