Who needs all that stuff?

I never could understand that Black Friday madness. It has even become popular here in Canada and we had Thanksgiving last month. 

As I grow older, things become even less important to me. Too many things just clutter up the place and bog me down. I’m too messy and disorganized to have too much stuff. It all overwhelms me.

Who needs all this stuff anyhow? It’s consumerism at it’s finest. We’ve been so brainwashed to think this is the way to be happy. Buy, buy, buy and then buy some more. Always on the quest for something newer, shinier, or more fancy. Don’t bother fixing your old one. Throw it out and get something new.

I love Christmas time for the beauty of the season with the joy of Christ’s birth as well as the lights, the decorations and especially the music which I take part in with great enthusiasm. 

The gift giving part I could easily do without. It can be a very stress ridden time of year feeling obligated to spend too much on gifts for people who don’t really need or want anything in the first place.

To me, experiences and sharing your time and love with your friends and family is more important than any gifts there are. 

I lost my mom this week and it reminded me once again that our time is limited. 

Sharing our love and time with others is the most precious gift of all.

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  1. I can totally understand how stressful the gift giving part is. I have been breaking my head for a month now to find appropriate gifts for my family when I visit them. Our time is really limited. It's better to spend with love and care than giving in to the craze of materialism.

    1. Thoughtful gifts don't have to cost a fortune. Like you say, it's better to spend with love and care. I never spend a fortune on gifts but I try to make them thoughtful. I try hard not to give into that materialism craze going on all around me.

  2. This is a wise and beautiful post, Cat. I so agree with you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and your comment. Much appreciated!

  3. I agree, all these flash sales are happening here too. Just meant to add more stuff, create more clutter. I try to avoid them and have been quite ok not picking up stuff just because it is on sale. Lovely thought in the picture, I have pinned it .


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