Perhaps They Are Not Stars

This morning I saw a Facebook poster being shared of Charlie Brown clutching his pitiful little tree while looking up at the stars and it had this quote on it.

The choir sang the song “Perhaps we are not stars” a few years ago based on the Inuit saying. It was a piece commissioned by a school to remember a 12 year old student who died suddenly.

It was a hard piece to learn with many discordant notes and difficult entries. It’s not one of my favourite pieces in our repertoire but it is haunting. We sang it for a Remembrance Day service a few years back. Here is another choir singing a version of it.

Since my mom's recent death, it’s a comforting thought to imagine our departed loved ones shining down on us to let us know they are happy. I will think of that when I look up at the stars.

I am writing something every day for the Yeah Write NoMo Challenge for November.


  1. That's a lovely perspective:-) Can feel your loss, it must be so hard... But we writers- its always a comfort to write about it isn't it?! You have some lovely tributes to your mum. Sending you lots of hugs dear friend

    1. Thanks, Eli. Just reviewing some of my posts from the past and saw this. Hugs to you, too on the loss of your mom. Writing about these sad feelings is so comforting for sure.

  2. So sorry for your loss Cat. Losing a beloved parent is hard loss to bear. sending you hugs and love.

  3. Thanks, Suzy. Here it is nearly two years later and I'm replying. Going through old posts and revisiting many of them.


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