Looking for Beauty

All the glorious foliage has gone and things have taken on a monochrome muddy brown as winter approaches. Also the light is dimmer and days are shorter.

Looking for beauty in Nature is more challenging but it's still there if you look hard enough. 

When I photograph Nature at this time of year, I don't feel the joyous feeling that I get in spring when the leaves pop out and everything is blossoming. Still, dying leaves have their own sad beauty. 

The cycle of life continues on.

I am writing something every day for the Yeah Write NoMo Challenge for November. http://yeahwrite.me/november-2015/


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    1. Thanks, Laurel. I do like the red leaves against the brown background. They pop right out. Kind of a dull time of year as far as beauty goes but it all depends on your perspective, I guess.

  2. For me fall is the most beautiful season. But they're all beautiful in their different ways.


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