A Kobie point of view

This poem is dedicated to my cat, Kobie who sure has a relaxing time of it as you can see by this photo of him in MY CHAIR.

I like to lounge on a comfy mat
I nibble on this and chew on that,
I take a snooze on your cushy chair,
I cuddle my snuggly teddy bear,

I claw the couch and play with string
I purr with joy or start to sing,
I jump on your lap and knead your thigh
I dig in my claws until you cry,

I sleep and sleep and sleep some more
I wake at night as the clock strikes four,
I jump on your bed and lick your nose
Crawl under the sheets and bite your toes,

I'm livin the dream life, yessiree!
Don't you wish that you were me?

I am writing something every day for the Yeah Write NoMo Challenge for November. http://yeahwrite.me/november-2015/


  1. Aah! Kobie is sooooo lucky!! Truly a dream life Kobie has and I do wish that I could sleep, snooze, snuggle just like that without a worry and without a care! :D

  2. Aww..that is so so cute! Loved it, Cat! ❤🐈

  3. This poem is overloaded with cuteness!! Yes, it is the dream life, isn't it!

  4. Who wouldn't wish to have that dream life! :)

  5. ohh he sure is living the life :D enjoyed reading the poem :D


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