B is for Beauty of the Birds #AtoZChallenge

Beauty of the Birds
By Cat Graham

I love to watch birds throughout the year
Out my living room window, so far yet so near,
Their beauty and endurance never fails to inspire
As they flit to the feeder or sit on the wire,

The Canadian winter is not for the faint
But the birds endure it without complaint,
So many birds in all shapes and sizes
Each day is different and full of surprises,

I take lots of photos to capture their beauty
In a way I feel like it is my duty,
To capture this moment and keep it forever
That’s why I began this photo endeavour,

One day I’ll be old and then I’ll be gone
But my birdie photos will live on and on.

I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, writing a blog post  for every letter of the alphabet every day (except Sundays) in the month of April. 


  1. Cat I love your poetry! They speak so elegantly yet humorously about the mundane things.

    1. Thanks so much, Shailaja! So kind of you. I love your poetry, too.

  2. Simple yet well written. Nice to see you participating in the challenge, Cat. :)

    1. Thanks, Vinodini. I'm enjoying the challenge but it is only Day 2. Haha! There will be days when the muse doesn't always cooperate but will need coaxing with lots of chocolate and coffee. Enjoy the challenge!

  3. I absolutely love all the pictures of Birds and animals you share, because I never get to see such a variety. Indeed how they survive the winter, that too a Canadian winter, is I beyond me.

    1. Thanks, Raj. I enjoy your photos, too and tales of your travels in Australia. Two very different places, aren't they? Glad we can share and learn about different parts of the world this way.

  4. And I absolutely love the pictures you share on Facebook and the witty captions too :)

    Thailand Travel Stories at Kohl Eyed Me
    26 Indian Dishes at Something's Cooking

  5. I loved it. It's simple as the comments above mention but it tells a very poignant story of what we leave behind too.

    1. Thanks so much, Roshan. I hope my sons appreciate all the photo books I'm leaving behind. They'll probably say one day "What the heck are we going to do with all these books?" Haha! Glad it resonated with you and you can understand my feelings on it.

  6. Beautiful photos and poem, Cathy! Yes, your photos and written work will stand the test of time.

  7. Love your poetry, how you portray ordinary things in an extraordinary manner :)


  8. You have a way with words, Cathy! Loved this poem and I am smiling at... "In a way I feel like it is my duty" :)

  9. Thats lovely Cat- to capture the moments - and they give so much joy. Good luck on atoz my friend. Lots of love XXX

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