Andante or Allegro. Which one are you?

As we kick off the A to Z blogging Challenge, I decided to write a poem to start my A to Z journey. 

In music, the musical notations are written in Italian to tell musicians how fast the tempo is or how loud or quiet to play. I do love all the different words which sound so much more beautiful in Italian than in English.

Andante is a musical term for a slow tempo taken at a walking pace. 

Allegro is a musical term for a quick and lively tempo, much faster than Andante.

These two musical terms came to mind while I was lying in bed thinking of A words. 

My imagination did cartwheels and somersaults for a while and came up with a twist on Allegro and Andante's original meaning, resulting in this poem.
Allegro or Andante, which one are you?
It all depends on how much you do,
Do you rush around or take it slow?
Allegros are always on the go,

Andantes move at a walking pace
Enjoying the sunshine on their face,
Allegros don’t have time to waste
They’re too wound up and must make haste,

So much to do, so little time
To them relaxing is a crime,
Go, go, go, I’m late they say
Andantes relax and enjoy the day,

I’m an Andante, you might have guessed
But can be an Allegro when I’m stressed,
Deadlines make my tempo race
But once I’m done, I slow my pace

I savour the moment and avoid the hype
I probably look lazy to an Allegro type,
Andante or Allegro, which type are you?
I’m an Andante through and through.


  1. Now that's fun :) Well, I am a mix of both. There are days when I go off, completely off and nothing can spruce up my mood and then there are days when I hop around like a kangaroo. Hard to tame I guess :) Happy A to Z, Cat.
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  2. I am Andante by nature. But life keeps me at allegro, alas.

    Hey, It's Ann visiting from A to Z So Much to Choose From and
    Science Ladybug

  3. Love it, Cathy! ☺ I used to be Allegro, then suffered a bad case of burnout. Now I'm Andante, for the most part. Except now, for the A to Z. Great start!

  4. I think I'm Andante usually too, except when there are things to be done and deadlines to meet.

  5. Wow, Cat, this is so cool! far as I am concerned, I guess I am a mixture of both - Andante and Allegro. I change my colours as per the surroundings...a la Chameleon!.I mean, if the situation demands me to "MOVE", then I am quick on my feet and rushing to complete tasks. But, if the situation allows me to relax and take it easy, then easy it is....slow as a snail! :D
    Waiting to read the rest B to Z! :P

  6. Lovely Cathy, I am Andante by nature, but today's lifestyle has managed to transform me into Allegro. Great start!

  7. I always thought I was an Allegro but as the years roll by I am convinced I'm an Andante. and guess what it's my word for 2017. Cheers to Andante.


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