H is for Holiday in your Head #AtoZChallenge

Okay, we’re at Letter H today. Lots of great H words but nothing rhymes with H that I can think of, can you? Scrap that idea!

Anyhow, I let my imagination run free and came up with this nutty idea below. It was fun to do as I didn't adhere to my poem structure for the whole piece which made it a lot easier. Can you imagine trying to rhyme Himalayas or Hawaii? I don't think so!!

Happy A to Z to all my blogging pals! Hope you're enjoying the challenge.

Let’s imagine a holiday
So many places we can stay,
Where can we go and what can we do?
Here are some helpful hints for you,

These holidays happen inside our heads
That way we can sleep in our own little beds
We can travel long journeys and never get tired
We can drink lots of coffee to get inspired,

No worries about washrooms on this trip
No worries about strangers giving you lip,
No traffic or rainstorms or bustling crowds
You can dream all day with your head in the clouds,

I have to add one stipulation
H is head hauncho on this vacation,
Because we’re blogging about letter H today
I hope this doesn’t wreak havoc with your day.

How about doing the hula in Hawaii?
Or hiking in the Himalayas?
Or hang gliding in Houston?
Or hovering in a helicopter over Hong Kong?
Or eating hamburgers in Hamburg?
Or saying Hola in Havana?
Or having some herring in Holland 
Or hiring a hovercraft near the Hilton hotel?

I don’t want to get haughty but I do like to wear my high heels and houndstooth pantsuit while I hobnob with high society at Hampton Court Palace. Maybe I’ll see Prince Harry there and we can do some hiphop together. One can only hope!

Got  some H holiday ideas, I’d love to hear
Come on Humans, get your heads in gear!

I am participating in the A to Z Challenge writing a blog post for every day in April, except Sundays. http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

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  1. OMG! Cathy! This was hilarious! How do you come up with such crazy lines... and that too in verse? :D
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @ www.mysteriouskaddu.com

  2. That's a nice tongue twisting poem which has been penned down with the letter H...Crisp and well written :)

    Launching SIM Organics This April

    *Menaka Bharathi *


  3. Your creative spirit has really let loose on this one, Cathy. Such fun! ☺ I would love to go to Hawaii and have been to Heraklion (Crete, Greece), Hamburg (don't think I ate a burger there, though) and Hannover in Germany and I live near Hamilton (which is where Hubby works).

  4. Wow! I loved this! I too take such long vacations in my head, and believe me, these vacations are so much better than the real ones!
    You are rocking, lady! ♡♡♡ Keep going!


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