N is for Never Again #AtoZChallenge

“You’re a stupid bitch,” Dave had said when she didn’t get dinner on the table at precisely 6 pm. Her cheek still ached where he had struck her. Then he complained that the chicken was raw and threw the plate on the floor like a spoiled child. She had got down on all fours to clean up the mess and he kicked her in the ribs.

She rubbed her side, every breath causing her pain.

“You’re so fat and ugly. No other man would want you,” he had said after they had sex. It wasn’t making love. Love had nothing to do with it.

Her insides felt raw and scraped. Dave didn’t care about satisfying her. She was just an object to pound out his sexual frustration.

“You’ll never amount to anything. Why are you even bothering?” he had said when he found out Michelle was taking an online writing course. He took her textbooks and threw them on a bonfire in the yard.

At the time, she had believed that she was stupid, fat, ugly and worthless.
Never again.

Lies, every one of them.

All the booze Dave had consumed last night would ensure he wouldn’t wake until she was safe. She’d slipped a sleeping pill in his drink to make sure of it.

Her friend Alice volunteered at a shelter for abused women.

“Get away from that monster before it’s too late,” Alice urged, offering to take her to the shelter.  

Michelle stood on the step holding her suitcase in the cool dampness of the dark night. Finally the headlights of Alice’s car shone like the beams from a lighthouse, guiding her to safety.

Never again.

I am participating in the A to Z Challenge writing a blog post for every day in April, except Sundays. http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

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  1. This made me shiver. The raw feel of that pain of domestic violence is something you captured so well, Cat!

  2. Good for her, getting out in time! Sadly, so many don't. You've really captured the horror of the situation.

  3. So happy for her! This gave me the chills, Cat. We should fight against domestic violence!
    Thailand Travel Stories at Kohl Eyed Me
    26 Indian Dishes at Something's Cooking

  4. So glad for her. This is not just domestic violence, but narcissism, when you're fed so many lies about how worthless you are, that you actually lose all confidence in your abilities.

    It is so much more damaging than just physical violence. And it can happen without the hitting too. It was easy for her to get help for the physical/sexual abuse, but it's not so easy explaining someone about only the narcissistic abuse.

    Btw, I'm lagging behind even more. But will catch up. Do visit my N post.
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @ www.mysteriouskaddu.com


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