Apologies to Letter V

Dear Letter V,

I was full of vim and vigour first thing this morning with visions of writing beautiful verse or a wonderful version of a story, but my Muse Vivian vanished and took a temporary vacation. She left me feeling so vulnerable with a bunch of lame verse and prose of no value whatsoever. *Sad violins play*

I am very vexed that my Muse Vivian was off with her vapid friends. Talk about a violation of her contract. And to vex me further, she broke my favourite Venitian vase. I may need to take some Valium.

Later I heard Vivian’s vocal talents down at Vernon’s Village Pub. She’d definitely been into the Vino!

So much for opening a vein and letting the blood pour onto the page today. It ain’t gonna happen.

So I'm off to Italy in my imagination to visit Venice . Maybe I will ask for help from the Goddess Venus since Vivian is so useless.

So sorry V. Nothing personal.

Love Cat


  1. Replies
    1. You betcha! Some days the writing just doesn't flow no matter how much stuff you write. I wrote pages of stuff, all of it crap. Oh well. It happens. Thanks for stopping by, Liz.

  2. Venice is a good place to go in one's imagination. Hope you've had a better day today.

    1. Thanks, Suzy. I managed to get my W post done quite easily this morning with the help of my new Muse, Kobie, the laptop cat.

  3. Oh I love the very varied vestiges of V that you brought out in this post :) You got a rocking post right there. V should be happy ;)


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