B is for Butterfly Brooch

Today I have written a short story with this butterfly brooch as the inspiration. Also I tried to use B words to celebrate the letter B.  

I was hanging out at Brenda’s Diner while my wife Barb went to have her hair done. My blank laptop screen awaited my brilliant blog post  And waited...and waited...

I bit into my lightly buttered breakfast bagel when I heard a clink behind me. I bent down and picked up a beaded butterfly brooch that glowed and twinkled in my hand.

The butterfly came to life and flew up to the ceiling, a swirl of rainbow-like colours. A flash of light blinded me and I found myself in a shimmering forest by the banks of a babbling brook. Morning sun bathed the branches in a soft golden light. Any moment I expected to see Bambi and his buddies appear through the bushes.

“Hi there, Barney,” a sultry voice said and I looked around in bewilderment. A beautiful buxom blonde girl in a bikini beamed at me.

“How do you know my name?” I asked.

“I’m Bunny. I know all about you.”

“Is this some kind of joke? How did I get here?” I could feel my face reddening as it always did when I got embarrassed.

“Relax, Barney,” Bunny said, brushing her fingers against my cheek and blowing in my ear. “Bunny will make it all better.”

“Is this for real?” I said, blinking my eyes in disbelief. I closed my eyes and sighed in contentment as Bunny massaged my brow.

“There you are!” a loud voice penetrated my reverie. I was back in the restaurant, the butterfly brooch still in my hand.

Barb frowned at me, her grey hair in tight poodle curls. I didn’t dare tell her it looked better before.

 “Where did you get that brooch?” she asked.

“I found it on the floor,” I said, looking at it in confusion.

“What’s the matter with you, Barney? Did you forget to take your medication again?” 

“No, it’s just that...” I looked at the brooch and said nothing.

“Honestly, Barney. You’re losing it. I’ll bring the car and meet you outside in ten minutes. Can you manage that?”

I just nodded in agreement. I had learned long ago not to argue with Barb.

As I packed up the laptop, I put the brooch down on the counter by the cash.

On my way out, I bumped against a woman coming in.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologized. 

“No harm done, Handsome,” I looked up and met eyes with the older woman. I could tell she’d been a looker in her younger days. A real babe. Something about her sure seemed familiar.

I looked back in disbelief to see her take the brooch off the counter and pin it to her coat. She saw me looking and winked at me. It was Bunny.


  1. That's a brilliant write up!!!! Loved it totally :)

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

    1. Thanks so much iamstri. Appreciate the comments.

  2. Thanks so much, Claudia. Nice to be sharing with you at another blogging challenge.

  3. Such a sweet story...and I loved the use of alliteration with B :D


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