O is for Ocean

I love to go to the ocean
And stand on the rocky shore,
I look out to the horizon
And listen to the roar,

The waves surge forth all frothy and light
They crash and explode in a burst of white,
Salty spray is everywhere
Drying and crusting in my hair,

I live far from the ocean
So I go there in my mind,
Worries all but disappear
And there I can unwind,

When I’m at the ocean’s edge
There is no pretense,
The universe is as it should be
And everything makes sense.

Below is a video I made of waves on the Bras D'Or Lake, the inland sea that makes up such a big part of Cape Breton. Here is a map to show what I mean. 

I thought it would be soothing to always have the waves to watch and listen to, even when I'm over a thousand miles away. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Hope you find them soothing, too.


  1. Good poem. I was thinking the other night that I really didn't understand poetry. Then I changed my mind, and decided my appreciation of the art form really varied by the personality behind it. I like your poetry. I get it. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Loni. I know what you mean about obscure poetry where you have to struggle to make sense of it. I like being simple and direct in my writing style. Maybe I'm just simple minded. Heheh!

  2. Hi, I love the rhythm and cadence. I can almost hear the sea gulls in the background. So pretty, :)
    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

    1. Thanks very much for commenting, Mary. Much appreciated!

  3. I love watching the ocean too...always....just looking at the waves coming and going back :)

  4. I lived for a while just a couple of blocks from the beach. I loved it. Before I go to bed, I play ocean waves. Once you live near that shushing of water, nothing can replace the soothing feeling it creates.

  5. I loved the lines
    'I live far from the ocean
    So I go there in my mind'
    Bea-u-tiful. Thanks for sharing the poem and the video, Cathy.

  6. I prefer the simple -- it usually carries more of an impact.

    Good job

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  7. What a lovely poem and soothing video! ☺ Nicely done, Cathy.

  8. Lovely poem Cathy! I am a beach person... Nothing like watching the waves and smelling the salty air...yes the universe does speak to you as you stand with open arms embracing the enormous sea!


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