J is for Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun
Of all our planets, it’s the biggest one,
If I worried about my weight before
On Jupiter I’d weigh ten times more,
With 67 moons, it must be bright
Enough to keep us up at night,
And if 24 hours is not enough hours in the day
Jupiter’s nine hours would cause much dismay,
If you think we have long storms here
The Red Spot Storm lasts year after year,
It sounds bleak with all that gravity and gas
If people ever travel there, I think I’ll pass,
Jupiter is fun to study and read about
But Earth is home without a doubt!

Composer, Gustav Holst  wrote The Planets back in 1916. It’s always been a favourite orchestral work of mine. If I hear the Jupiter piece, I instantly feel positive and upbeat. When I hear it, I turn the volume up and sing along. I especially like the middle slower section based on a hymn. I'm sure musicians must enjoy playing this piece. It's so powerful and uplifting!

Happy Friday, Everyone!


  1. Loved the verse Cat! And sigh, ten times heavier? No wonder I like Earth. Maybe I need to be on the moon, actually ;)

    ~Shailaja's latest A~Z post

    1. Hahaha, Shailaja! I hear you. I feel heavy enough here on Earth after a long winter. So you want to travel to the moon? I hear it might be possible soon for those who have the money to pay. I think I'll pass and just admire it from afar like I usually do. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

  2. Lovely one, Cat.. Thanks for sharing :)
    Shalzzz|Loving Life
    Check out my latest at Tale of Two Tomatoes

    1. Thanks, Shalzzz/TOTT. Glad you liked it. I enjoyed yours, too. Fun to learn about the interesting Indian desserts.

  3. Ok - so a little fact about me. I LOVE the planet Jupiter. Seriously, it's my favorite. It's the planet for the astrological sign, Sagittarius (which I am). Jupiter is said give people born under this sign a sense of gregariousness about them, generous and just full of life. Kinda like the planet (not life in the sense of living there, but just look at that coloring!) Then there's the song by Tori Amos, Hey Jupiter. Ever hear that - clearly this is my favorite post for the day!

    1. How interesting to hear that Jupiter is the planet for Saggitarius, Cristina. That's my sign, too. No wonder I'm drawn to it. Well, Gustav Holst did name the piece, Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity so maybe he was Saggitarius, too. I don't know the Tori Amos song. Will have to check that out. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Thanks for the lesson -- that was unexpected and appreciated :)
    Carol @ Battered Hope

    1. Glad you liked it, Carol. I learned a lot about Jupiter I didn't know like the 67 moons and the constant Red Spot Storm. Fascinating to learn about.

  5. Loved it. I was fascinated with Jupiter as a kid...

  6. It is fascinating, isn't it, Sheethal? I agree. Thanks for commenting,

  7. Enjoyed the poem and the music. Interesting facts about Jupiter. ☺

  8. I don't believe I would like to be 10 times heavier! LOL I have always been fascinated with the planets around us. Great poem and music! ♥


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