W is for Writer's Block

To be a writer is a wondrous thing
But it’s not for the faint of heart,
Writing can make my heart sing
Or I don’t know where to start,

When the words flow, it feels so great
The world looks rosy and fine,
When they don’t, I stay up late
I whimper, moan and whine,

Writer’s block is hard to fight
It often gets in the way,
It makes it very hard to write
More than I can say,

When writer’s block hits, I feel so low
I feel like giving up for good,
It’s all part of the writing ebb and flow
And so misunderstood

Times like that, I take a break
I do something mundane,
I wait for ideas to bake
And cook up in my brain,

When I've banished the writing blues
I return and what do I see?
I think I’ll make him into my Muse
Kobie Cat inspires me!


  1. writer's block is terrible. I sometimes keep stray drafts for those dry days :)

  2. I'm very good at whining and moaning. Or, I just write out what's blocking me. That works, too.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

  3. Taking a complete break from it for a little while always helps me. Nice to have such lovely inspiration as Kobie. :)

  4. Love the poem on this necessary malady which all of us are familiar with. Cute Kobie :)

  5. You talk about writer's block and then you write a poem like THAT!!
    ?? Okay, you are way off base ;) I think you write extremely well, for what it's worth. And Kobie looks like the perfect muse :D

  6. He does look like he's ready to do some writing. Or maybe he's just interested in the mouse.


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