Y is for Yesterday's Youth

Yesterday’s youth has come and gone
Grey hair and wrinkles thrive,
But the aging battle can be won
If I keep my inner child alive,

My inner child is doing well
She is waiting and always near,
Though I can’t always tell
When she’ll decide to appear,

She is creative and full of fun
She’s ready for anything,
She likes to scamper in the sun
She likes to write and sing,

Yesterday’s youth seems far away
But my inner child will remain,
She’s always ready to seize the day
And go dancing in the rain.


  1. Is that you?! Such a cute kiddo.

    I enjoyed the poem. Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort to let go and let the inner child have free reign. But so long as she's in there, there's hope.

  2. Adorable! Is that you? Love the poem and the fact that you've nurtured your inner child.

  3. That's an adorable poem and even more adorable picture. I am childish most of the time... Though everyone tells me to grow up. I love my inner child.

  4. Love it and I agree! It's so important to nurture that inner child. What a cute picture. ☺


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