J is for Juxtaposition

Today I am the featured blogger for the letter J over at Blog-A-Rhythm where 26 bloggers are each taking a turn with a letter for the month of April. I blog about "Journal or Journalism." Check it out and read some of the other wonderful posts on the blog at this link. Cat's J Post at Blog-A-Rhythm

And I just couldn't get enough of the letter J today so here is my J post on this blog. 

Joy and Pain
Happy and Sad,
Sun and Rain
Joyful and Mad,

Strong and Weak
Rich and Poor,
Hopeful and Bleak
Less and More,

Love and Hate
Young and Old,
Destined and Fate
Warm and Cold,

We see them all, side by side
Juxtaposed on our Lifetime Ride.

This April I am participating in the A-Z Challenge 

and the NaPoWroMo Challenge NaPoWriMo where I will write a post and a poem for each letter of the alphabet each day in April except for Sundays.


  1. that's true. Life is weird blend of emotion ... all juxtaposed against one another.

  2. Nice one. And great "J" word selection!

  3. Cute poem Cat! ;) And how can we appreciate joy without sadness, sun without rain etc., one without the other? ;) Love this word by the way! <3

  4. Loved reading your post here, going to the BAR now.

  5. In the Yin and the yang, we find life :) Beautiful, Cat :)

  6. Love the poem and the quote. A great post, Cat. Heading over to the BAR now. :)


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