E is for Emotions

Today I am trying the prompt at NaPoWriMo Day Six and wrote an aubade, a poem from an old French poetic style of long ago. 

Usually an abade takes place at sunrise and is about lovers saying farewell. 

It was fun to try a different type of poem like this. I made mine into a ballad story form.

I am also doing the A-Z Challenge and am doing E for Emotions. I am connecting the two challenges together and using my aubade ballad about the lovers since it shows a range of emotions from lust, love, and jealousy to hate and revenge.

For my inspirational poster, I combined my emotions quote with a photo I took the other day of the sunrise over the trees. 

“Why must you leave?” asks the Shepherd,  
As he sees his lover rise,
“I must be gone,” says Princess Brianne
“To be seen with you is unwise.”

Brianne dashes off with extra speed
Ahead of the morning light,
She cannot let on to the King
Where she spent the night,

The shepherd is unwilling to let her go
He chases her past the farms,
He catches up at the river below
And grabs her in his arms,

“Our love means everything to me,
I will not let you go,
You are mine, why can’t you see
I love you more than you know,”

“You really are such a fool,” she scoffs,
“You were only a romp in the hay,
I am betrothed to the Prince
And will be Queen some day”

The sunrise peeks between the trees
and blinds the shepherd’s eyes,
Even so, he sees the truth
With all the deceit and lies,

“You never really loved me,
I finally see the truth,
And for that transgression,
I will take away your youth,

With that, he chokes away her life
And throws her in the river,
He watches her body float away
Without so much as a shiver,

“Why did it have to turn out this way?”
He shouts to the sun in the sky,
“If Brianne had only decided to stay
She wouldn’t have had to die.”

This April I am participating in the A-Z Challenge 

and the NaPoWroMo Challenge NaPoWriMo where I will write a post and a poem for each letter of the alphabet each day in April except for Sundays.


  1. Aw, a gruesome and tragic tale of a poem, so sorry to hear! (And too bad this happens to often in real life with jilted lovers.) I think these types of poems are best at sunset and especially with such an ending! ;)

    1. You're probably right that it should have occurred at sunset, Elly since bad things tend to happen more then than in morning. But I was following the prompt which said it had to be at sunrise. It is gruesome, especially for me who always likes happy endings.

  2. Brianne was naughty but she didn't deserve to die. Love makes people do crazy things, loved your ballad story like poem.

    1. Thanks, Sulekkha. Yes, the poor Shepherd let jealousy and revenge take over his emotions. Not a good thing.

  3. Enjoyed your poem though it was a bit sinister. Brianne didn't deserve to die but lust can be so destructive

    1. Thanks, Suzy. Good to see you. Yes, this poem was so much more sinister than my usual happy endings. Good to try something different now and then.

  4. What a tragic tale! Well done, Cat.

    1. Thanks, Laurel. Yes, it did take a tragic turn, didn't it? Quite different from my usual happy endings.

  5. Aw, that was tragic! But, I guess, that's life!
    Beautifully written, Cat! Also, loved the quote above. It is so true! We tend to forget we are all creatures of emotions, don't we?

    1. Thanks for your comments, Shilpa. I thought I'd try something different with a rather tragic theme for a change. The characters dictated how this sad tale turned out. Yes, emotions often rule us whether we want them to or not.

  6. ohh that's sad!! Poor Brianne. Beautifully written. I love the way you rhyme the verses.

    1. Thanks so much, Rajlakshmi. Yes, poor Brianne wasn't very nice to the shepherd but she still didn't deserve her fate.

  7. Oh no- what a tragic end for her... But so great written Cat:-)

    1. I like doing something different and it was fun to try the aubade. Thanks, Eli!

  8. I really enjoyed your poem, Cathy. So dramatic! Seems out of character from your usual fare, but it's good to step out of your "comfort zone". More challenging!

    1. OOPS! Meant to reply here but it went as a separate comment. Hope you saw it.

  9. I like to try something different now and then, Debbie. I know this was a bit on the gruesome side but it's how it came out. I thought about ending it happily but the characters had other ideas and then the Shepherd's jealousy and revenge happened. What could I do? Thanks for the comments.

  10. Cat that was gruesome but so very imaginative and vivid! I love the fact that you are trying out new forms of poetry and themes. Really do!

    1. Thanks, Shailaja! Just saw this comment while looking for something to submit to Vidya's ebook.


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