D is for Drawing

Today is the letter D and I've chosen Drawing as my topic for my poem and inspirational poster.

Lately I've rekindled my love of drawing by sharing sketches on Facebook with my friend, Shilpa who lives in Mumbai. I've also been taking a life drawing class at a local community centre.

I loved drawing as a kid and am trying to recapture those feelings where I would lose myself blissfully in a drawing and be lost in the moment. 

D is for Drawing

I loved drawing when I was a kid
I’d draw every chance I got,
It was something that I always did
I really loved it a lot,

Drawing is like therapy
A way to escape the mundane,
It is a special way to be
I’m enjoying drawing again,

Since I’ve started to draw once more
It’s a fresh new way of seeing,
I’ve recaptured the joy I had before
Drawing is both fun and freeing!


  1. So glad that you started drawing again. All creative work is beautiful , Cat and to get pleasure from that is an added bonus. So happy for you, my friend :)

  2. You are so true,Cat! Drawing is so therapeutic. You tend to forget the world when you are immersed in drawing a picture. And, that can be blissful, for sure!

  3. Thats inspiring and made me happy to read! A positive post and you draw so well also! Love that you share your passion for drawing:-)

  4. Any form of art is liberating! Glad that you rediscovered your passion for drawing, Cat! Cool :)

  5. How wonderful it must be to rediscover a lost pleasure Cat! :) I hope you may consider writing a book of your poems with your drawings as well perhaps? ;) <3

  6. I totally agree, Cat - drawing is a wonderful way to while away the hours!

  7. Always good to follow passion and do what you love. Drawing is a great way to let your imagination so the talking. Keep going Cat!

  8. I love drawing too. Used to do a lot while in college, now hardly get time.

  9. You've described your joy of drawing so well, Cathy! Isn't it great to have passions to follow in life? You're so good at it, too. ☺ I've flirted with it in the past and may just try again.


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