Q is for Quotes

Many websites have quotes galore
To find what you are looking for,
Two sites are Quote Garden and Brainy Quote
Both of these sites get my vote,

Of course there are quotes on love and hope
Even quotes by the Queen or the Pope,
Search for odd words like oatmeal or boats
Even words like those have quotes

Quotes are special and resonate
They touch us and they captivate,
Quotes expressed in different ways
Inspire us on the darkest days.

This April I am participating in the A-Z Challenge 

and the NaPoWroMo Challenge NaPoWriMo where I will write a post and a poem for each letter of the alphabet each day in April except for Sundays.


  1. Hahaha - great Cat, we picked the same Q for Quotes:-) Great poem, and yes, in our dark hours quotes can lift us up. A lot of power in words:-) Big hugs

  2. Great quote and great poem Cat! Thanks for sharing! :) If I ever need/use quotes, I'll know where to go, so thanks for the tip! ;) <3

  3. True, Cat. It's the quotes I look for, whenever I am down and out.

  4. Quote Garden and Brainy Quote are my fav quotes sites too! The wisdom and the inspiration shared in few words is simply awe-inspiring!

  5. I love Brainy Quote and thanks for the tip about Quote Garden.
    Another great poem, Cathy! I agree that the right quote at the right time can be so uplifting. ☺

  6. I love quotes. Somedays when inspiration lacks, quotes and lift us up. Nice one. Brainy Quote is one of my fav quote sites too.


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