K is for Kindness

A compassionate eye, a smiling face
Encouraging words expressed with grace,
Helping hands to do our part
Reaching out with a caring heart,

Kindness costs nothing, but means so much
Even a simple hug or a gentle touch,
So share some kindness and you’ll feel good, too
Go ahead and begin, it’s easy to do!

This April I am participating in the A-Z Challenge 

and the NaPoWroMo Challenge NaPoWriMo where I will write a post and a poem for each letter of the alphabet each day in April except for Sundays.


  1. Kindness is a great K word which I wrote about today too! ;) Yes, kindness is so simple, can cost nothing, and make someone's day! A win-win situation. :) <3

  2. Simple and sweet and so very true, Cat! Kindness is the best thing we could offer someone, and also one of the easiest.

  3. Lovely words and so true. Loved your post!

  4. Well said! We can all do with kindness, anytime, anywhere! And it doesnt takes much to be kind! Lovely words, Cat :)

  5. Yes, kindness works for everyone, everywhere. ☺ Well said, Cathy.


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